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Dear friends!

Today we are announcing the start of a major fundraiser to purchase 1000 FPV drones for our indomitable warriors! 🛡️

This is an extremely important step in ensuring the safety of our defenders and the protection of our country.

FPV drones are becoming indispensable assistants on the front lines, providing our soldiers with a reconnaissance advantage, reducing the risks to their lives, and helping to conduct effective operations. 🌐  They allow monitoring and reconnaissance from a safe distance, minimizing the risks to the lives of our heroes. 💪

Each of your contributions is a step towards providing our army with the most modern means of combat. Join the fundraiser, support our soldiers, and show them your gratitude and support! 🌟

Name of recipient: BO BF REAL UKRAINIANS

Recipient code: 44705676

Recipient's account: UA493052990000026005016407769

Name of the bank: JSC CB "PRIVATBANK"

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