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Our team of founders of the Real Ukrainians Foundation

We are a charity organization "True Ukrainians Charitable Foundation".

Created on the initiative of several people, it grew into a volunteer group of public defense "Ukrainitsi", and now became a charity fund "True Ukrainians".

VDDGO "Ukraintsi" was created in connection with the military invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, taking into account the state of war on the territory of our country.
Over the course of three days, we were joined by caring citizens, and two directions of the medical brigade were formed, consisting of more than 100 people and a motor squad, which included 40 cars of various types.

Our initiative was written about on the page of the National Platform "Dialogue on Peace and Safe Reintegration" as an initiative

Hryshchuk Olga

Head of the charitable foundation

The founders


Шлєнєв Тимофій

Співзасновник фонду. Відповідальний за військовий напрямок.

Чорний Сергій

Співзасновник фонду.

Старунська Альона

Співзасновник фонду. Напрямок - інформаційний.

Старунський Владислав

Співзасновник фонду. Напрямок - логістика.

Шевчук Дмитро

Співзасновник фонду.

You can familiarize yourself with the public agreement on the implementation of volunteer activities:

Fund partners


International partners of the fund

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