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Real Ukrainians Charitable Fund
Military direction

- the direction of the fund's work is aimed at helping military units, individual servicemen and other units that participate in the protection and defense of our country.


  • "Canisterapia" project 

  • Cars for the Armed Forces

  • Ammunition tailoring shop

  • Trips to the front line every 2 weeks

Completed projects: Auction "Zigryi kotika ZSU", Auction "Patriotic Stamps"

Civil direction

- the direction of the fund's work is aimed at helping internally displaced persons, people with 1st and 2nd groups of disabilities, low-income families with many children living in the territory of Zhytomyr region. Currently, we have a number of projects that are being successfully implemented:

  • "Be at home" project

  • Project "School of Small and Medium Business Support"

  • Project "School Up"

  • "Charity Fair" project

  • Project "Spreading Ukrainian Culture Abroad"

  • Assistance to regions that have left the occupation

Головна: Напрямки
Головна: Про БФ


We are a charity organization "Real Ukrainians" Charitable Foundation.

Created on the initiative of several people, it has grown into a volunteer volunteer group of public defense "Ukrainians", and now have become a charity fund "Real Ukrainians".

VDDGO "Ukrainians" was established in connection with the military invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, given the martial law in our country.
Within three days, we were joined by concerned citizens and formed two directions of the medical brigade, numbering more than 100 people and the autorota, which consists of 40 cars of different types.

Our initiative was written on the page of the National Platform "Dialogue on Peace and Safe Reintegration" as an initiative

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