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❤️ Start a Chain of Love! ❤️

Friends, we are launching a chain of goodness in honor of Valentine's Day! 💌

Together we can do an incredible thing: help our Heroes! 🦸 ♂️🦸 ♀️

Just make a screenshot of the donation to our drone fund and pass this challenge on to a friend! 💖

Let our love become a source of new opportunities for our soldiers! 🇺🇦

Let our heroes feel our support and love on Valentine's Day!

Join our Chain of Good and donate to drones on this special day! 💝

Give your heart as a gift and show that your love is boundless, as is your support for our army!

Name of recipient: BO BF REAL UKRAINIANS

Recipient code: 44705676

Recipient's account: UA493052990000026005016407769

Name of the bank: JSC CB "PRIVATBANK"

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