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At the beginning of our activities we organized tactical medicine trainings for civilians, which aimed to unite the community, teach first aid and create local bomb shelters on their own, be able to organize the work of these shelters and mark patients during explosions and injuries.
Later, we began to be invited to conduct training for the military in tactical medicine, we began to provide hot spots with the necessary things.

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After receiving first aid from abroad, they realized that an official legal organization is needed for efficient and transparent work. So we started working on creating a fund.

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We did not have time to maintain official pages on social networks, so we kept short briefings about our activities, or just about us

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We help volunteers - our partners who transport people or deliver humanitarian aid to people in need, for example,  military - medical devices and medicines, as well as thermal imagers.
We constantly cooperate with the military units of the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense to meet their needs. We provide all the assistance we provide to other people in a targeted manner, on which we compile relevant reports, if it is for individuals (peaceful or military), or if it is a legal entity, then through the acts of transfer. Because volunteering is primarily targeted assistance.

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Our group carried basement equipment to the bomb shelter  and assisted the military with the equipment of the existing bomb shelter

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Unloading of humanitarian aid together with Plast NGO


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