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🇺🇦 Charity lottery of Independence 🇺🇦

The purpose of the lottery is to raise funds for the purchase of 3 cars for military units: A4093, A2573, A0998.

*the remaining funds after the purchase of cars will be used to purchase materials for the manufacture of military equipment

There will be 11 prizes:

  • "Borodyansky" rooster

  • A set of 12 10 hryvnia coins in capsules of the Armed Forces of Ukraine series

  • 2 paintings by the artist Pavlo Huzenka

  • 3 sets of stamps: "Russian warship .. done", "Dream" and "Good evening, we are from Ukraine!"

  • 4 t-shirts from the Real Ukrainians Charitable Foundation.

How to participate?

To participate in the draw, make a donation of UAH 200 or more ($5/€).

* In the payment destination, write your name and phone number or email address for contact in case of victory.

For every 200 UAH, the participant will receive one entry in the table, from which at the end of the draw we will choose a winner using a randomizer, a special program that chooses a random winner. So, everyone has an equal chance to win.

More donations mean more chances to win.

On 7 September 2022 at 20:00 Kyiv time, we will hold a live broadcast in which we will draw our prizes on our YouTube channel (the link to the broadcast). Subscribe and set a reminder so you don't miss a live broadcast!)

And also subscribe to our social networks and follow updates

You can make a charitable contribution by clicking on the button ⬇️

🇺🇦 Everything will be Ukraine! 🇺🇦 Together to victory! 🇺🇦

Instructions on how to participate

History about the prizes

"Borodyansky" rooster

Borodyanka rooster, a decorative Kumanek of the Vasylkiv majolica factory, which survived in a locker in a destroyed house after the shelling in Borodyanka. Despite the fact that the Russians completely destroyed part of the high-rise building, a locker in one of the apartments survived, and a Kuman in the form of a rooster survived on the locker. At one time, such Kumans were popular and were in the homes of many Ukrainians, but now there are very few of them left.

This rooster has become a symbol of the indomitability and resilience of the Ukrainian people, which is why the once forgotten ceramic souvenir has become so popular and desirable.

A set of 12 10 hryvnia coins in capsules of the Armed Forces of Ukraine series

Armed Forces of Ukraine - a series of commemorative coins launched by the National Bank of Ukraine in 2015.

Coins are made of a zinc-based alloy with a nickel coating, the minting quality category is "anti-circulated".

This set of coins is dedicated to honoring the Armed Forces of Ukraine, their courage, indomitability and self-sacrifice. These are not just coins - they are a souvenir and a reminder to us of those who defend us every day.

Painting "Roosters"

Painting by the artist Pavel Huzenkо - "Roosters", fiberboard, oil, 25*35 cm.

Roosters are a flower that can be found in almost every Ukrainian yard, in terms of popularity it is second only to poppies and marigolds.

This work has a certain symbolism, and it is not for nothing that it is made in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, for Christians, roosters, and for others, irises, symbolize purity, protection, but have also become a symbol of sorrow and pain. Therefore, this work symbolizes both our pain and sadness, in these difficult times for Ukraine, and faith in protection and victory!

Painting "Sunset"

Sunset - painting by the artist Pavel Huzenka, fiberboard, oil, 25*35 cm. The author created this landscape in order to show all the greatness and beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The author used a very warm range of colors to convey that incredible coziness and feeling of unity with nature when you look at the boundless Carpathians. The work conveys all the admiration and love of the author for the nature of the region, which has become known to the whole world.

Legendary stamps of Ukrposhta for which queues formed in all cities of Ukraine! With the beginning of the war, stamps became more than a means of paying for correspondence - they became art and a representation of Ukraine on the international market.

3 sets of stamps - "Russian warship...done", "Dream", "Good evening, we are from Ukraine" are the most popular collectible stamps in recent times.

  • The first set is a continuation of the previous stamps "Russian warship...done". "Russian warship, go ...!" - a phrase uttered by a Ukrainian marine in response to the offer of a Russian warship to surrender during the attack on Zmiiny Island on the first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24. After that, the saying became one of the symbols of Ukraine's struggle against the Russian invaders. This same collection is dedicated to the sinking of the cruiser "Moskva" by the Ukrainian military.

  • The second set is dedicated to the world's most powerful and largest transport aircraft ANN-25 "Mriya", which was destroyed by the Russians in Gostomel in February. The destruction of the plane was a big blow for Ukraine, but the stamps personify the indomitability and will of Ukrainians, because "you can destroy the plane, but never the Dream!".

  • The third set is devoted to a real historical episode that happened in the Mykolaiv region: a Ukrainian tractor pulled a tank abandoned by the Russians. The brand symbolizes the indomitability, fearlessness and ingenuity of the Ukrainian people.

T-shirts from the Real Ukrainians Charitable Foundation.

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