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Handing over another car to our defenders 🇺🇦

Friends, one more car has been delivered to our defenders! It was a super emotional trip filled with positive meetings with nice people and patriotic guys! The car is where it needs to be and performs its functions!

We express our gratitude to everyone who joined our project:

Kremyansky Viktor and Irish whiskey Community, Irish whiskey Auction - for funding, thank you for being with us, we appreciate your desire to help.

To the coordinators, executors, volunteers of the Charitable Fund "True Ukrainians", who participated in all processes from the moment of purchase to the delivery of the car to the front line:

Tymofii Shlieniev, Dmytro Shevchuk, Ihor Tsapun, Hrobust Pavel Dmytrovych - constant help with fuel, your contribution is very important, Belogorudov Oleksiy and Oleksandr - service Andriy Oleksyuk - exclusive painting, Gorelov Oleksiy and Kostya.

Thank you all!

The Charitable Fund "True Ukrainians" is always with you! Everything will be Ukraine!

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