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The world is not without good people. Transfer of VAZ 2108 car to ZSU

We received a VAZ 2108 car in the evening to hand over to the guys at the ZSU in a hot spot. We were assured that the car is just a gun, everything is done. We refuel until the tank is full. We fill this car and another one (of our fund) with everything we need: medicines, products, military and other junk))). We agree to leave at 2:00 in the morning……..

See you, let's go. We drove through 2 traffic lights and pam pam))) the low beams of the headlights do not work. We return to the headquarters. It rains. Voila, we find the reason: the fuse. But…. where to get one at 2:30 in the morning. There is an idea of ​​a folk method called foil. Yes, everything works. On the road. We are reaching the capital. Surprise: they are allowed into the capital only after the end of the curfew (5:00 in the morning). We are waiting and at 5:10 we are already leaving. Phew. But what is it? The bridge towards Boryspil is blocked by the police... we cut circles around the city but finally left. Well, that's all, now just go ahead. 400 km have been covered. One of the cars is running out of gas, and the other is running low on gasoline. Friends also wanted to help and offered to fill up with fuel. Cool!! let's go Refueled. It turned out an extra 120 km on rural roads, to put it mildly, not ideal. But these are all nuances. The main thing is that we are already passing through Poltava. Our soldiers call and say that they are leaving for the meeting place. yes An hour or 73 km remained until the transfer of all goods. The signal from the walkie-talkie….. Brake, something is wrong with the swallow. I called the masters and the problem was found: the timing belt broke. Yes. Field. Well, nothing, we will find it now (probably). We will find it for sure. The first village is a failure. Nothing. There are still villages. Oh, people are talking about 4 car shops in the next town. Everything will be fine with us. There are no 1,2,3,4. I approach a VAZ driver on the street who has stopped at a store. You know exactly where to get it. . Stop, he says, at the other end of the village. I'm flying Klaaaas E. I jump into the wheelbarrow, grabbing some more spare parts just in case, I fly to the boys. They don't even stop at the post anymore. But this Zhytomyr is looking for spare parts. Came A new method of replacing the thunderbolt on Viber. This is already the 21st century))). While we are changing, the guys call: the wheel is punctured and there is no way to replace it (it's that day). Ok, wait. We are soon. Everything was installed. Let's start... no. The valve bent. Oh, this is already a slipper. Panic for 5-10 minutes. So what do we do? We decide to go to the village, maybe someone will help with something. They are already smiling at the post: have the spare parts arrived?))). Eh. Everything is more serious. Okay Let's move on.

Car shop. What are you guys? We are volunteers, we drove a car for the Armed Forces, the valve bent - what do you advise? Volunteers? Armed Forces? There is a master. Here is the number. Call and ask if it will be taken. They talked. He says ok. Well. Then I have all the details at the purchase price. Does this suit you? . Of course. We take Hello master. And how quickly will you do it? Well, I think you'll pick it up by morning. Wow, that's cool. Two people we do not know solved such an important issue for us. We Ukrainians are incredible. Together we are a force. Forward to Victory

And that's the morning. Woke up from the ringing of the phone "Hello, where are you? The car is ready!!!" We look at the clock, 6:15 in the morning. They got dressed while the match was burning. They came for a hundred. And so we try to start. It works like a Swiss watch))) The master says that he replaced everything. Now the "swallow" is fully serviced. We leave for the meeting place. We call the guys to leave too. The closer to the place, the more carefully our cars are checked. Come on, that's their job. And so they arrived. The boys are delayed. We are waiting. A call They reset the location where to go. Let's wait. There are 2 soldiers standing near the bead. They must be them. That's them. Guys started approaching us from different corners (here's your intelligence). We give the car and with it a bunch of junk and medicine. Everyone is satisfied and everyone is positive.

Oh, and today is the birthday of two soldiers. Congratulations and we wish you good health and a quick victory!!!!

They got into the car and went back home. Emotions overflow. After talking with positively charged guys, I got a confident feeling that we are doing everything right!! That victory will be ours

We keep our formation and move confidently towards victory. Everything will be Ukraine

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